January 1, 2014

Favourite Books of 2013

I've been guilty of neglecting this blog in recent months - I've still been reading, but I seem to have had difficulty finding the time to write about the books I've read.

But I still want to compile my annual list of the my favourite books that I've read in the past year.  Same rules as in previous years - I have to have read the book for the first time in 2013 (no re-reads allowed!) but books published in any year are permitted.  Any genre, fiction or non-fiction are allowed, as are books from any country.  I've linked to my reviews (where they exist - I'm so far behind on these).

So here goes…

1.  The Orenda (Joseph Boyden) - I suspect that this book will top (or at least appear on) many people's lists this year.  It really is that good.  I can't believe that it was passed over for all of the awards this year.

2.  Quantum Theology (Diarmuid O'Murchu) - This book gets the prize for the book that I've recommended to the most people since I read it last spring!

3.  Dear Life (Alice Munro) - It's Alice Munro - what more can I say!  I inhaled this book in a day last August.

4.  MaddAddam (Margaret Atwood) - I was excited that the last instalment in the trilogy that started with Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood.  Fortunately the book lived up to my expectations.

5.  The Great Emergence (Phyllis Tickle) - This is a book that made a strong impression on me when I read it, and that has stuck with me in the months since.

6.  Penguins and Golden Calves:  Icons and Idols (Madeline L'Engle) - A book that managed to shift the lens through which I view the world.

7.  Three Ways of Grace (ed. Rob Fennell and Ross Lockhart) - A collection of writings on the Trinity from a variety of authors and perspectives - as someone with strong Trinitarian leanings, much of this book resonated with me.

6.  The Magic of Saida (M. G. Vassanji) - A book that took me "home" to Tanzania…

9.  Indian Horse (Richard Wagamese) - I love reading books with familiar settings.

10.  Up and Down (Terry Fallis) - Because who doesn't like a book that makes you laugh?

A few observations on my reading this year…

  • Lots of great Canadian fiction published this year!
  • The 2-year Lay Worship Leader course that I was taking finished up in July along with the "required reading."  I may have been indulging in mostly fiction since then…
  • This list seems to be stacked towards books read earlier in the year.
  • My To Be Read stack keeps growing faster than I can get through it.
  • Even though I have been writing less on my blog, I have been writing more in real life.  As in, with a pen and paper.

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year and may 2014 be filled with good books!


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Egypt said...

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Ailurophile said...

I'm just getting back to book blogging too... it sure is hard to find time!