March 6, 2011

Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella

Have I mentioned before that I don't usually like Chick Lit? Mostly because the plot is predictable (girl in crisis, girl dating wrong man, girl hits rock-bottom, girl starts dating right man, everyone lives happily ever after); and I don't usually sympathize with the main character. But my sister handed me her copy of this book over Christmas and told me that it was better than the average Chick Lit; so I threw it in my suitcase a couple of weeks ago as airplane reading when I flew out to BC to go skiing.

Unfortunately, I have to disagree with my sister - I didn't find that this book stood above the Chick Lit average. I didn't particularly like the main character, and it did follow the predictable plot line. The only thing that made it different was the presence of the ghost of her great aunt.

Plot summary: Lara is at outs with her family, recently broke up with her boyfriend, and about to lose the business that she had put all of her savings into. Her great aunt dies at age 105 and at her funeral, the aforementioned ghost appears to Lara - Lara is the only one who can see or hear her; however the ghost can influence the behaviour of others by screaming in their ear. Over the course of the book, Lara gets together with her ex (who is still Mr. Wrong), loses the business, meets Mr. Right, starts up a new and more successful business, and along the way, solves the mystery of her great aunt's life and necklace.

So overall, not a great book; but it did get me out of the reading slump that lasted a month and a half. It was a good book to be reading on vacation as not much concentration was required. And I was able to pass my sister's copy on to our cousin when I was finished. And the reading slump is now officially over, and I am ready to get on to new and better books!


lj said...

I think I said that it was entertaining. Not better than average.

Kate said...

I'll admit that it was mindlessly entertaining - as I said, good vacation fodder :-)