February 7, 2010

The Sweetest One of All - Jean Little / Marisol Sarrazin

This beautiful picture book was bought as a present for my nephew (3 years) and niece (16 months) - I'm writing the review in mid-January, but won't post it until I know that the book has arrived to them, as I know that my sister occasionally checks out this blog.

The story is simple - each one of the barnyard animals has a baby animal that is just right for them (the sheep has a lamb, the horse has a foal etc), and ends with the mother telling her child that the child is the perfect one for her. A beautiful story about parent-child love (think along the lines of Robert Munsch's I'll Love You Forever) that had me crying, even though I'm not a mother.

The illustrations are also lovely - simple, clear, and colourful, with a couple of playful cats that appear on each page.

I hope that my nephew and niece enjoy this story, and I'm sure that their parents (my sister is a big fan of Jean Little) will enjoy reading it to them.

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Buried In Print said...

I loved Jean Little's books when I was growing up, with favourites being Stand in the Wind, One to Grow On, and Look Through My Window. Was Kate one of your favourites? :grin: