September 7, 2009

206 Bones - Kathy Reichs

I have been following Kathy Reichs' books almost from the beginning. Having lived in Montreal for a few years, I love being able to recognise places that I know that pop up. Unfortunately, the series had deteriorated over the past couple of books to a series of cliches and easily guessed endings (possibly related to the fact that the book series had been turned into a television series - at one point she was churning out one book a year). Fortunately this book broke the trend and I quite enjoyed it.

Similar to Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta novels, the main character, Tempe Brennan, is a forensic anthropologist. She usually splits her time between Montreal and North Carolina, but this book is set almost entirely in Montreal. I don't want to write too much in case I give away the ending (it is a mystery, after all!), but let me just say that it involves a serial killer targeting elderly ladies (I didn't guess the ending of this one); career sabotage of Tempe's reputation (this story line was a bit easier to guess); and a continuation of the on again - off again Tempe/Ryan relationship.

The cliches are mostly gone and the book is much better written. It is, after all, 2 years since her last book which I guess has allowed a bit more time for editing and more careful selection of words :-) My one criticism is the final chapter which sounds rather like the author stepping up on her soapbox and came across as rather clumsy. I was almost ready to give up on the series, but I guess I will stick with it for now.

This book was read for The Canadian Book Challenge at The Book Mine Set.


John Mutford said...

She sounds like an author who's improving at least. Maybe the next time around there won't even be a lecture at the end.

Wanda said...

I catch Bones on TV now and then but haven't read any of the books. How many are in this series?

Kate said...

John - the series started out well (otherwise I wouldn't have stuck with it!), but then deteriorated about 8 books in. Fortunately it seems to be moving in the right direction again!

Wanda - I've not seen the TV series at all, so can't comment on how close it is to the books (though I've heard that they aren't similar other than the fact that the lead character is a forensic anthropologist). There are now 12 books in the series.

Jacki said...

Oh, I do enjoy Kathy Reichs, and I'm glad to hear this one is looking up in the series. Can't wait to read it :-)

Kate said...

Jacki - yes, definitely track down a copy if you are a fan of the series!