May 18, 2009

The Almost Archer Sisters - Lisa Gabriele

I read Lisa Gabriele's first book, Tempting Faith DiNapoli, several years ago, and while I remember enjoying the read, I don't remember anything more about it.  I think that this book is going to be the same.  I quite enjoyed reading it (and finished it in just a few days), but I don't think that it is going to make a lasting impression on me.

It is the story of two sisters who are opposites of each other - Peachy got pregnant and married at 20, and stayed on the family farm; while her older sister Beth chose to move to New York at 18 and live the high life.  Things come to a crisis when Peachy's husband commits adultery with Beth (his first girlfriend); and Peachy takes off for New York leaving Beth to mind her family for the weekend.

I think that my biggest complaint about this story, and why it won't stick with me, is that it doesn't go anywhere.  There is no character development from beginning to end; nobody learns any lessons; and, other than the implied temporary estrangement of Peachy and her husband, everyone ends up in the same situation that they started the book in.

A good read, but no depth.

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