January 1, 2009

Top Reads of 2008

As it seems to be the time of year for Top 10 lists, I guess that I had better put one together.  So here are my Top 10 reads of 2008.

Just a few notes before I begin - these are my favourite books that I read last year, they are not necessarily books that were published last year.  To keep things fair, I have not included books that I re-read in 2008 (since I usually re-read all-time favourites).  I have mixed together fiction and non-fiction.  And since some of the books I read before keeping this record, many of the books on the list have not been reviewed on this blog.  However, 2 of the top picks just slipped in under the wire...

As always, please feel free to agree or disagree with my choices!

1.  Through Black Spruce - Joseph Boyden (Fic., CDN)
2.  The Book of Negroes - Lawrence Hill (Fic., CDN)
3.  An Imperfect Offering - James Orbinski (Non-Fic., CDN)
4.  Good to a Fault - Marina Endicott (Fic., CDN)
5.  The Flying Troutmans - Miriam Toews (Fic., CDN)
6.  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll (Fic.)
7.  Kiss of the Fur Queen - Tomson Highway (Fic., CDN)
8.  Three Cups of Tea - Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin (Non-Fic.)
9.  The View from Castle Rock - Alice Munro (Fic., CDN)
10.  Moral Disorder - Margaret Atwood (Fic., CDN)

And I have to give an honorary mention to the book that almost made the list, Say You're One of Them - Uwem Akpan (Fic.).  If only it were a top 11 list...  And yes, those are the original Alice in Wonderland books, and no, I had never read them before.

I'm seeing a couple of trends, neither of which is a surprise to me.  I prefer fiction to non-fiction for the most part.  And I love Can-Lit.

And now we start a whole new year, and a whole new year's worth of books to read!

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